Creative ways to Upcycle your leftover fabric scraps

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More than often we throw away our fabric scraps. Well, not any more. Since it’s all about waste management I thought why not use up my fabric wastes. You shall be surprised that how creatively you can use Fabric scraps for so many awe-inspiring projects which shall serve as the perfect crafting items. You could your Fabrics for making so many interesting crafts that there is no end to it. Like here’s a quick example.

If you have a lot of fabric scrap you could just fill it in your Cushions. That way they’ll remain fluffy as well and you won’t have a lot of waste. You could also use fabric scraps and then stitch it together to make certain handkerchiefs or even small cloth pieces can be stitched together to form a big curtain. It’s really all about using those wastes. You can also use them to make a Clutch for yourself or even sew it together to make a stylish wall hanging.