How do we feature content on our website

I do plenty of research before I put out photos and recipes from other blogs and websites based on their credibility and usage only for Content creating purposes.

This kind of sourced information and ideas on Suaveyou.com is shared according to the Fair use US doctrine of copyright law for Non-commercial reporting, education, research and discussion purposes. We strictly abide by the laws of the DMCA.

We at Suaveyou.com, respect the property of the owner and in good faith use the images for content writing/creative purpose. We have and shall always provide an active clickable backlink to the original post and give due credit to the copyright owner of the content.

About Take Down Request

Nevertheless, if the copyright owner doesn’t want their image(s) on our website, they can contact us through all of the following steps. If you do not wish to get free traffic from my blog and wish to get any of your Photos or Content removed, then mail me at metadigs(@)gmail.com , sales (@) metadigs.com along with a comment on that particular post and we will remove it ASAP.

About Copying Our Content

It has come to our notice that some websites are copying our content without giving me due credit or taking permission from me. Please, note these websites are in no contact with me and whatever they are doing is completely unlawful and insensitive. It’s a humble request to them to please, stop copying my hard work. Also, if they don’t stop I might have to report them for violating Copyright laws. Meanwhile, if you come across any website which is indulging in this kind of malpractice, please help me by reporting them spam, if you can. It’ll be so helpful to me.

About Featuring Our Content For Blogging Purposes

Of course, I would love it, if you want to use any of my own recipes or crafts images for your blogging purposes. If you are using any of the photos of my own recipes or using my copyright photos, then please give an active clickable backlink which links back to the original post.  And please do not crop and remove the watermark of this website. Let’s act a bit mature and responsible. If you are recreating any of my recipes, as a responsible blogger, please provide me a credit, that says that the recipe is adapted from my website.

And also, if you are using some featured content, which belongs to some other website – 

Please give an active clickable backlink to the original copyright owner of the content and not just to our website. It’s their hard work, and we value it, so we have given them a backlink. We hope you do that too.