Movie-Themed Kid’s Halloween Costume because our kids are the superstar of our lives

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Halloween is just around corner. Does your child know what he or she is going to dress up as? Well, here are some of the best Movie-themed Kid’s Halloween costumes which they are surely to love. You could dress up your sweet-pea in a Moonrise kingdom costume. This costume is really popular amongst both kids and adults and the movie is something which none of us can ever forget.

You could also make your baby girl or baby boy look like a NASA scientist or an Astronaut like Sandra Bullock from the movie “Gravity” if it’s a girl or like Matt Damon from the movie Martian. If you kid is a potter head then you could make him look like any of the characters from the Harry Potter movie.

Another popular idea is to let your child dress up like Peter pan or Tinkerbell. As you can see there are so many exciting ideas in which you can dress up your kid for Halloween. We are not done yet.