Chocolate Recipes for Christmas because there is nothing in the world like that Creamy, Dark and Rich Chocolate

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Chocolate and Christmas has to be one of my favourite things. The common part about both of them is that whenever I think of them it makes me happy. There is nothing to not to like about Chocolate and Christmas. And combing both of them is like the best marriage ever. Chocolate recipes for Christmas are popular all around the world.

Whether you like white chocolate or dark chocolate there is literally a list of ideas which you can try out. You could start off with the easiest and most common chocolate cake or a chocolate chip cookie with Christmassy decoration. If you have already tried this last year then you could elevate yourself to Oreos or White Chocolate Peppermint barks. Mint and chocolate is a fabulous combination and hence you could go for mint chocolate chip truffle or you can also make white Chocolate truffles. You could also make a Dark chocolate buttermilk pie or a Belgian frozen hot chocolate.