Is Being Good To Others The Key To Happiness

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There is an Indian saying that goes: “There is nothing great in living for yourself, even animals do that. Greatness lies in living for others.”

For centuries, the greatest thinkers have suggested the same thing: Happiness is found in helping others.

Is Being Good To Others The Key To Happiness

Humanity and Kindness

We all are well aware of the current situation of humanity and kindness in the world. Humanity is surely written about, spoken about, and preached but is rarely seen in action. But why is that so? Are we not humans enough anymore? or have things like compassion, sympathy, and empathy completely left our hearts? Well, these feelings have definitely gone into hiding if not absent, to say the least. the world has started functioning in a very practical manner, going by the idea of ‘give and take’, it is all seen as just a transaction. So the question is how do we inspire ourselves to help others and live a little selflessly and why? It is never easy to inspire someone to do something that has already been certified as futile.

Secret to Happiness Is Helping Others

Nobody today thinks of it as a good idea to help others without getting anything in return and even if they do, they are mostly just searching for validation from society and themselves. But generosity should never be used to quench your thirst for validation. It is a well-known thing that the world is getting meaner and more negative day by day but somewhere deep within also lies the goodness and positivity that balance it all out and allow the world to operate.

Secret to Happiness Is Helping Others

We just need to keep that goodness alive and that can only be done by rejecting thoughts like “why should I?” and welcoming the selfless attitude. Helping others is important because it helps you grow as a person and gives you endless reasons to be happy. Consider yourself blessed if you are capable of helping others because a lot of us are not and the art of giving ensures the power of living.

Make Yourself Happy Every Day

You can always start small and it can still give you immense happiness. When you work for yourself you get happiness but when you work for the well-being of others, the happiness gets topped with satisfaction and peace, and if not that, at least a good night’s sleep is guaranteed. Yes, on your way to this whole selfless journey there will come points where you will want to stop and ask yourself if there is even meaning to all this because you would have been disappointed several times but then you will need to find a reason within yourself to carry on.

You will need to remind yourself how important is inner satisfaction and happiness to have your sanity intact and that it can be achieved by helping others because that is what defines you and that is what makes you proud of yourself.

Feel-Good Happiness

This world works in cycles, if you do good to others, good things will find their way to you and at the end of the day, you will surely get paid for whatever good or bad things you do. But sometimes, this whole process dysfunctions, and the more you do for people the farther you are driven from your well-being because people can sometimes be the worst, and helping others, does not always ensure that you too will get good things in return. So then what should we do? Should we just go back to square one? In my opinion, people who are good and who know how to love will always find a way to continue being good and loving because that is something you cannot be robbed of.

Feel-Good Happiness

So do not let the good in you die because what you do today determines your tomorrow and please do not let people corrupt you because once you lose yourself to the evil side of society, you will lose your true self.

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