Pillars Of A Strong Relationship

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‘Relationship’, is not just a word but a feeling, a responsibility, a boon, hope, and so much more, and when something is of such tremendous value it certainly demands a lot to function properly like patience, love, understanding, care, and most importantly, efforts. The amount of effort you are willing to put in, kind of, decides the fate of the relationship. Being in a relationship is like running a three-legged race and similarly requires you to trust your partner and match their footsteps, it is all about treating each other as equals and not like people on different levels.

Pillars Of A Strong Relationship

If there was no room for mistakes in a relationship, none would last more than a day, but some things can be prevented by just taking small measures. And once you have laid the foundation, it is time to stand a few pillars that are going to hold the weight of your relationship and won’t let it fall.

So let’s have a look at these pillars required to support a strong relationship:


Trust is probably the most important thing in a steady relationship. If you have decided to be with someone, you might as well start trusting them because any relationship with no trust is like a body without a soul, which physically exists but is not quite alive.

TRUST Strong Relationship

Now it is a given thing that having blind faith in anyone can land you up in some undesirable place, but no trust at all is also not going to take you on a joy ride. Even the smallest connections we have with our acquaintances require trust, so it is obvious what importance trust holds in a relationship, it is simply something non-negotiable.

So trust your partners as well as make yourself trustworthy.


Maybe sometimes in a relationship, honesty does not prove itself to be the best policy but it surely is the right policy at any given moment.

Truth can sometimes be ugly and hurtful and that can make you want to lie for the sake of protecting your partner but remember, the truth never dies or fades away and might someday reveal itself so it is always a smart choice, to be honest to your partner and yourself.


Most importantly you need to trust your relationship that it has got that strength to deal with any hardship and that belief should encourage you to always stay honest. Also once you lie, things might not get over for you but they surely will get complicated and from that point onwards you will always feel the need to explain yourself a bit more because you will be able to figure out the suspicion in their eyes.


Everybody wants to come back to their loved ones after a long tiring day to get some comfort. A relationship should be that place of comfort where you can be you and so can your partner. If the relationship is not a comfortable zone and is just full of stress and fighting, it is destined to have a short life.


You can try to make your relationship a comfortable place by

  • allowing your partner to be themselves
  • not trying to restrict yourself thinking you will embarrass yourself
  • getting rid of any judgment
  • letting each other know that you are together through every thick and thin

and by sharing everything without keeping any secrets.


“I will cry with you sitting on the bathroom floor in the darkness and then I will pick you and myself up and we will be stronger than ever, together.” Imagine hearing that from your partner when you hit the rock bottom, will you ever be able to let go of such a person? No, right? So try giving something that you would like to have yourself, start supporting your partner the way you want them to support you.

Sometimes we love the person, we can sympathize with them but we find it hard to support their choices, after all, we all have our differences but please try to be supportive if not encouraging so that they are assured that you will be there to catch them if they fall.


No matter how independent they are, everyone needs a little support in life and it is the best when it comes from a faithful, loving partner.

Relationships do not come with a warranty, so all you can do for them to work out is putting in everything that you can, and if, even then things do not work out you can try taking professional advice.

Please treat your significant other the way you want to be treated because a relationship is a two-way thing.


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