Colorful Beaded Rainbow Fish Craft

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Pony Beans is one of the best things to craft with. If you are at home with your kids and have nothing to do, engage with them with these Pony beads crafts. You’ll be reminded of your childhood days. It’s so much fun. Today let me teach y’all how to make a Pony bead fish. It’s really very easy.

So, without delay let us learn how to make this fish craft below.

Supplies needed for Pony Beads Fish Craft

  1. Pony Beads
  2. Pipe Cleaners

How to make Pony Beads Fish Craft

  • First start by passing the pony beads through a string and make an oval shape.
  • Next, tie a pipe cleaner to make the ring at the back of the hoop
  • Tie these two together to make your Pony beads fish.

Pony Beads Fish Craft