Pencil Shavings Rainbow Craft – Easy and creative Craft for Kids

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If there is a craft which has all the colors and magic in it, then this is it. I really love this craft because it makes me be creative. And anything that allows me to be creative instantly becomes my favorite sort of craft.

I was browsing a magazine when I saw this craft and it really appealed to me. But, the most important part was coloring the pencil shavings and then making it.

Pencil Shavings Rainbow Craft

However hard it was, the end result was worth it. Let’s look at how to make this craft.

Supplies needed for this pencil shavings rainbow craft

  • Pencil shavings
  • Cotton
  • Cardstock paper
  • Water color

How can we make This utterly cute Pencil Shavings Rainbow Craft

Step 1: First you need to gather your pencil shavings.

Step 2: Color the top of your pencil shavings in all the seven colors of the rainbow.

Step 3: Stick them on the construction paper.

Step 4: Stick cotton beside your rainbow to give a dramatic effect to your rainbow.

Easy and creative Craft for Kids

And, that is how you make a Pencil shavings rainbow craft.