Ladybug Craft for Kids | How to Make a Paper Ladybug Craft

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Do you love ladybug craft? Well, I do and I love it so much. When it’s spring, I love making ladybug crafts with my kid. It’s so bring and happy Time of the year and it feels so great into indulging in these crafts.

Today let me share with y’all how to make easy paper plate Ladybug craft for kids. So, without delay let us quickly check out how to make this super cute Ladybug craft.

Ladybug Craft for Kids

Supplies you’ll need for Ladybug Craft for Kids

  1. Paper plate (2)
  2. Red coloured Pipe cleaners (2)
  3. Goggly eyes (2)
  4. Red paint
  5. Black paint

How to make Ladybug Craft for Kids

  • First start by painting your paper plate in red. Make a small cone at the bottom with black paint

Painting your paper plate in red

  • Start making black polka dots on the red paper plate
  • Stick another half of paper plate to the top of the paper plate
  • Stick two Goggly eyes on the top of the paper plate

Goggly eyes

  • Stick two pipe cleaners on the top of the paper plate

pipe cleaners

  • Your Ladybug Craft for Kids is ready.

How to Make a Paper Ladybug Craft